Sunday, February 07, 2010

Populist Constitutionalism and the Tea Party

“Social conservatives, fiscal conservatives (who might be liberal on some social issues), libertarians, and moderates can agree to disagree about issues like abortion, legalized drugs, gay marriage, etc. The Constitution teaches all of them that the resolution to these problems should be conducted on the state or community level, as opposed to the national level.”

BAM !!!!!!!!!

Read the rest of the Article by Larrey Anderson at the American Thinker
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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Window to the Soul

They say the eyes are the window to the soul.

Look deep, look very deep into the soul of Congressmen Boxer’s pitch black eyes….The evil intensions pose is just icing on the cake.

Hmmm, how to manipulate the public with fear…that is the path to true power.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What "Tax the Wealthy" Really Means

I listened to an interview on YouTube where a wealthy individual said he represented a “substantially” large group of other wealthy people who endorse raising taxes on the “wealthy” to pay for government reform in health care (slow creeping move to nationalization). The exact YouTube video is irrelevant; it’s only a back drop to my pondering. In the same video another individual said that this man had inherited the money and found it odd that those who actually earned their riches do not feel the same. Of course the individual who endorses a government take over stated that “many” of the supporters where entrepreneurs.

With Congress’s disregard for the distaste many individuals have for more government interference with everyday life, aka Health Care, they passed a 2,000 page monstrosity that none of them read completely let alone understood; In keeping with the tyranny that comes with forcing “social reforms” over harmony within the democracy, Senator Reid is considering raising taxes on those who make over $250,000 a year.

Here’s the ponderings: That “wealthy” government worshiper and his like minded “wealthy” entrepreneurs already have their mansions, and federally subsidized insured beachfront homes; along with billions of post-taxed (taxed when earned at lower rates) in the bank, who can live nicely off a modest trust say of $249,999 a year. This goes for champions of government engineered society, such as Warren Buffet; who has an uncanny ability to pick who the government is going to make a winner in the business world.

My conclusion is when they say “tax the wealthy” they, from the government is my god guy to Senator Reid and the likes of Pelosi to Warren Buffet, its all bullshit. What they really mean is tax those with the potential to become wealthy, but don’t tax the wealth we’ve already inherited or earned prior to our support of big god like government.

Here's an idea, let’s tax the “net worth” of these priests of the centralized ruling class, and see how enthusiastic they are of taxing those still trying to achieve their dreams to finance their social engineering.

Maybe this is why, for the most part, the rich and the poor vote democrat and the middle class votes republican. The middle class needs a party that actually represents them though. Could it be the L word?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Natural Rights or are they Natures Right

The process of birth gives us life. Birth is a natural occurrence, not dictated nor made by man. Although some may argue that man initiates or can terminate the process, neither gives man authority over it. In regards to the first, it is nature that drives the man’s natural desires to initiate, but only as a tool; man himself can not will the conception; it is nature that does so. For the later, termination of the process does not give man any authority or credit for it, how could it? He has destroyed it.

Some will insist that it is man’s actions that should be credited to life. However, man can not call to life his offspring; he must bow to nature, for it is nature that provides man his essence of life. The only power man has over life is, again, the destruction of it.

Since it is nature that is the giver of life and life coming from nature, life must be and is natural. Nature having given it and it being natural, nature then has authority over it. This being so, only nature has a right to take it, as it does through the passing of time, disease, and disaster. Man does take life through violence, such as war, either by man vs. man, as some men do, but not all as Hobbes claims; nation vs. nation, and even nation vs. man, a vile practice. Man taking life though is theft; he has no right to what belongs to nature, he has merely raped it.

In the absence of nature actively claiming it’s right to a man’s life, that same life is then the man’s to do as he sees fit with, until his master (nature) demands it. Until his master demands it, it is man who is in possession of it; therefore, it is his own life. In essence, nature has given man his life, which he, man, is then caretaker of; none except the master may dictate how that life is used except the caretaker given responsibility of it. Therefore, no man has authority to dictate to another how he is to live his life.

No man having authority, or “a right” over another’s life, then has authority or “a right” to what comes from that man’s life. Being that a man’s life is his own, all things that derive from that life are his also. All things that are his are then his property, and being no man has authority over another man’s life he then has no authority over his property. No man therefore, has a right to another’s property, whether it is his thought, labor, or possessions. Only man’s master has a right to its possessions and it will claim it either through time, disease, or disaster. If another, mainly man, takes it… is nothing more than rape.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Should Bribes be Counted in Total Health Care Refrom Costs?

There seems to be a split among some Senate Democrats about the Health Insurance mandates. An AP article (Click on Title) talks about several “centrists” that may oppose it to maintain their seats past this election cycle.

The thing that struck me though was AP’s comment about some just holding out for “favors” and “pork” for their districts/states.

Now let’s add the cost of the taxpayer funded bribes the Obama administration might likely hand out to hold outs for votes to the total cost of Health Care Destruction. Is this the way it’s really done in Chicago?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tariffs are Dangerous to Your Health

While surfing the web I found an article about sugar tariffs. Now limiting the amount of any product that comes into the country always increases the price to the “general public” (of course it protects the few).

The comment sections are almost as interesting as the post itself in most cases. One individual mentions that the tariff on sugar helps the farmers growing corn, since an alternative to sugar is high fructose corn syrup. Another asks if it is healthier or less so than sugar. A couple of comments later states that “Although it’s inconclusive” high fructose corn syrup is thought to contribute to type II diabetes.

This is just another example of the over reaching centrist government’s collusion with a small group of large corporations controlling what its citizens do. First by protecting a small but powerful lobby group, meanly the US sugar industry, it increases the cost to us. Secondly, it distorts the bastardized free market more so than they already have and leads us to use cheaper but less healthy alternatives. Thirdly, the results of the ruling classes meddling are that we see an increase in diabetes.

Finally, to add insult to injury (pun intended) the ruling class now says due, in part, to this diabetes epidemic they must take control of our daily lives more, by legislating more warning labels and indoctrinating the children through state run schools. Ultimately these self appointed guardians of our future will take complete control of the whole Health Care system, because we will not be able to afford it otherwise. Never mind it was their meddling in out lives, protecting the large corporations, starting government run health insurance for the poor and seniors, and regulating all other avenues of health care (to protect us from the large corporate insurance companies) that increased the costs in the first place. Oddly the regulations pushed any small company or non-profits out of the health insurance industry because of the mandated items that MUST be covered.

This all leads me to ask the question, “Are we free, is it a lie, or are we’re just tools they keep alive to maintain the ruling class’ life of luxury and power?

Sunday, October 11, 2009