Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unauthorized Babysitters

Once again the heavy hand of faceless bureaucrats interferes with the daily lives of the working class. In Michigan a neighborhood mom babysits a couple of friends’ kids before school starts so they (the mothers) can go off and work. But the “State” in its all knowing and all seeing wisdom says that to do so the mother needs the “State’s” permission, in way of “daycare license.”

I’m sure this is to protect the children, as all intrusions by the “state” are reasoned to do. However, in what way can the “State” tell if the mother babysitting is not a danger to the children that the other mothers don’t posses by actually knowing her? These arrangements are between friends and a neighborhood. What’s next, the teenager that babysits a neighborhood kid has to get a state license to do so or they shut her down? But then they’ve done it to kids’ lemonade stands already.

Yes, welcome to America, land of opportunity, so long as you pay the state its extortion fees.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Comfortably Numb Stupor

After several glasses of wine:

Still wondering what authority society and to a greater extent the “state” has over me by using their self-imposed “responsibility” to me?

Since I reject the assumption that either has a responsibility to me, except the “State’s” obligation to protect property rights, neither has authority over me unless to limit my action against another’s property.

Or……as Kant says, or more accurately said:

“The function of the State is to impose the minimum restrictions and safeguard the maximum liberties of the people, and it never regards the person as a thing.”

Now I’m wondering if a revenue generator is a “thing.”

I told you s_

After not posting for more than two years I find it very satisfying that numerous people are now just as radical, unpatriotic, racist, angry, swastika wearing, mob mentality, pawns to the pharmaceuticals (and other big industrialist corporations) as I have been labeled for over almost two decades.

What’s even more comforting, than spooning the wife, is the fact that some that thought I was just being paranoid, about the ever encroaching, ever intrusive, ever expanding central government are now going “OMG!” Bet you’ll read the Constitution and Federalist papers now…..and while you’re at it read Huxley, Rand, and Hayek.

So, although I would much rather look the fool at the moment…I’ll repeat what I use to say then, “Come, Come to the dark side of decentralization, individualistic liberties and Lazzie Faire…that is Libertarianism”

Or just be a tool for what ever powers to be the sheep elect.