Sunday, September 10, 2006

Free Markets and Charities Work Better then Government Mandates/Rationing

A letter in the Buffalo news “Buffalo should not deny water services to anyone”, stated water should not be grouped with commodities, but free for basic survival. This water isn’t falling from the sky or over the Falls. Even with a graduated scale, increasing the amount per gallon in excess of government quotas, the facility probably would operate in the red. Increasing the cost per gallon means those using an “excessive amount” will cut back. Then you go through another long drawn out process of government boards for new increases? Other questions that need to be asked, who decides the Formula for “basic needs”? Do infants get the same as a 200-pound man; or office workers to ironworker? Male/female, medical issues. This proposed policy creates layers of bureaucracy in an area that employees more government workers then any industry does with private.

Turning to government with good intensions creates unintended consequences that through history have proven to do more harm then good. The energy used to impose government mandates would be better spent helping charities that are better suited in helping the “most in need”. They are also better judges in differentiating between the needy and those that are just plain irresponsible.

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