Thursday, November 30, 2006

Who can they blame?

When Pres. Bush first refused to sign on to the KATO agreement the up roar at work was deafening. "See he's nothing but a tool to the rich" or "Big oil men are in charge, screw the poor!" Not being able to ignore the mindless sound bites, I asked them if they could think of any negative consequences if Bush had signed onto the accord. The standard sound bite was, "No cost is to high to save the plant for our children."

I asked if they were willing to loss their jobs, since if I owned a company and was told to spend millions in anti-pollution equipment, I would move to a third world country which was exempt from the standards. The response to this was "Evil, greedy corporations....bastards....." I asked if they thought the poor doing without heat, electricity or other necessities was a cheap price to pay, I got the same response.

So now that a BBC Report says that Europe will be in deep kimpshee with power rates, I guess the environmentalists can tell the poor to suck it up. Unless I'm wrong most energy in Europe is nationally owned or at least government controlled. Now that you can't blame the industrialist, who do you blame?

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