Thursday, September 24, 2009

I told you s_

After not posting for more than two years I find it very satisfying that numerous people are now just as radical, unpatriotic, racist, angry, swastika wearing, mob mentality, pawns to the pharmaceuticals (and other big industrialist corporations) as I have been labeled for over almost two decades.

What’s even more comforting, than spooning the wife, is the fact that some that thought I was just being paranoid, about the ever encroaching, ever intrusive, ever expanding central government are now going “OMG!” Bet you’ll read the Constitution and Federalist papers now…..and while you’re at it read Huxley, Rand, and Hayek.

So, although I would much rather look the fool at the moment…I’ll repeat what I use to say then, “Come, Come to the dark side of decentralization, individualistic liberties and Lazzie Faire…that is Libertarianism”

Or just be a tool for what ever powers to be the sheep elect.

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Mike in WNY said...

Welcome back. Your posts are always insightful and relevant.