Friday, March 31, 2006

Priorities........Needs vs. Wants

The Niagara Falls Council repealed the user fees on the city pools and reduced them on the Golf Course and Bocce Courts. Story in Gazette

Councilmen Fruscione said “Kids that need the pool, they don’t have that kind of money”. What a buck? How many kids in this city can’t buy a pop at the store in the summer?

One of the problems with this area is people don’t understand the difference between the words need and want. I need food, I want prime rib. As a taxpayer I don’t need the pool, but I do need my hard earned money. A pool with high property taxes is not going to attracted people to move here.

What percentage of residents, use the bocce courts? If $25 is “too steep” for gravel bocce courts close them and use the gravel to fill some potholes on Pine Ave. Better yet, those seniors who have a hard time walking to get their mail, force them to off set the cost, through property taxes.

Nothing says you’ve arrived like going to the club for some golf. But the course is just way to expensive for the poor huddled masses. After all at least a majority of, what, 5 percent use it? At times forgoing food and medical attention, just so they can afford the most necessary part of life “golf”. So I’m sure every taxpayer in the city will agree that the golf course needs to be subsidized. Let us take $243,943 out of the budget, yes almost a quarter million dollars. Why? Because the golfers “deserve a deal”. Who needs well-paved roads? It’s not like tourist use them. Who needs a police force or fire department?

So the next time you hear that we’re cutting back on police overtime, cool off at the pool for free. Or when you hit a pothole or hear how the library must cut back hours, remember what great prices are at the bocce courts. When you get your city tax bill, right after coming home from getting your front end aligned, just do what Tiger would do.

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