Monday, April 03, 2006

The Real American Dream

Yolanda and Rogelio Garcia Sr. illegally crossed the boarder about 25 years ago. They have never been on welfare or "used" the "system" and are now citizens. They made their living by collecting cans and have sent their three kids (American citizens) to college. (full story)

Would this mean that with hard work and determination you can succeed?

Or faced with a choice;
His mom gave him a street class that forced him to picture a future without an education.

"They told me, 'you have the option — what we are doing, or something else that you love to do,'" said Rogelio.

Illegal immigration is a problem, and we do need to watch our boarders. But the Garcia's are (with the BIG exception of being illegal) the type of immigrants that made this country. There are some that come here to "milk the system", but a great portion of those born here do the same. It's part of human nature to get as much as you can for the least, but self worth curtails that in most of us. You can't change human nature but we can change the "system".

Change it so those who want the Real American Dream, can pursue it.

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Ray said...

In a discussion on another message board, there was a common misconception that Mexico was a free wheeling capitalist society and the workers were exploited and that's why they were running across the border to escape the exploitation and corruption of the capitalists. (Socialists have such infantile imaginations)
I had to point out that Mexico was in fact a Socialist country, heavily unionized and heavily regulated with all kinds of government mandated benefits that employers were forced to pay for. The only kind of employment that does not have such draconian regulations was temporary employment. Is it any wonder that low paying temporary employment is prevalent in Mexico?

The Garcia’s are an example of the kind of illegal that just wants to get away from the socialism and make a life for themselves with their own effort.
The rest I’m afraid come here intact with their socialist entitlement mentality intact ready to milk the socialist American entitlement system for all it’s worth. After all, that seems to be the American way nowadays.