Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Show Boating the 30+ Year Show

It's really ironic, today I was looking at boats in the area. I've wanted to get one for some time now about a 26 to 30 foot sailboat. After all it wouldn't cost that much to run with wind power.

I stopped window-shopping, picked up the Buffalo News and there it is, Senate Panel Demands Oil Co. Tax Records. Now, I know what everyone’s saying, "George, how is shopping for a boat and the Senate looking into oil profits ironic?"

Well, it's the show boating, how many times has the Senate looked at this and every time they come out sheepishly with their tails between their legs and whisper that they found nothing. Did the newspapers come up with the trick of yelling accusations and whispering retractions or did they learn it from congress? The chicken or the egg.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, the committee's chairman, said the panel was concerned about high profits and executive compensation at oil companies.

Who is worth what they get paid for here, the Senators or CEO's of oil companies? How much money did the Senate make for its shareholders last year?

What the Senator should be concerned about is, the HIGH taxes imposed on us and the wasteful spending of it by himself and his "distinguished" partners (in crime).

I have a choice weather to purchase gas or at least cut my consumption significantly. I can ride my bike to work, car pool, get a small gas efficient car of better yet a GEM. I could always move CLOSE to work or find employment closer to where I live. But then why should I be inconvenienced. After all, that's what this country was built on right? Comfort?

Oh, the noise from the leftist socialist, whining about the evil corporations taking advantage of them.

"The oil companies are gouging us." (Um that's what you said the last twenty times).

"Why do they need to make such high profits?" (That's what they're in business for)

" We have to buy their oil, they can charge what they want."(no you don't, and no if they priced it to high people would find alternatives)

"We have no choice" (Unlike taxes, you do, find alternatives)

Not one of these points will be heard in the halls of the capital. Why? Because it wouldn’t get any votes. Americans have become dependant on the government to make them comfortable. We hate being inconvenienced. We’ve replaced the “pursuit of happiness” with the right to happiness and "Liberty" with the freedom "from". The principles this country was founded on have been bastardized.

This boat show is getting old, same old models for the last 30 plus years.

While trying to find out just how many times this boat show has come to town I found a good post and several comments at eidelblog, about, ironically the last time the Senate did this last year.

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