Friday, February 17, 2006

Walmart vs FEMA

Resent exposure of the failures in local, state, and federal governments in handling Katrina, and the noteworthy efficiency of American Corporations such as Walgreen and Wal-Mart in providing necessities to the victims. One could make the argument that Americans would be better served by disbanding FEMA and subcontracting the humanitarian needs to Red Cross and Corporations who have more experience then politically appointed bureaucrats. The competency in which they operated far exceeded that of inexperienced political appointees. Though the vast destruction of Katrina probably stretched even the Red Cross, the American people and companies not to mention other countries, picked up the slack without even being asked. State Governors have the authority and the responsibility of activating their respective National Guard to transport its citizens out of harms way before and after the fact, along with upholding the law. The Governor failed. The Citizens of disaster prone States should make a candidate’s planning and leadership abilities before and after a disaster a top priority rather then their political promises when in the voting booth. Though the idea of privatizing any function government runs is a Libertarian idea, that many find distasteful, the possibility of 1,000s dead seems more so.

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