Friday, February 17, 2006

Worthy of a Taskmaster

Over the past week several letters have been published in the Buffalo News to protest federal cuts in social programs. On the 29th of December one asked “How did government, on all levels, get so involved in our lives?” The fore mentioned is one major reason. We as Americans constantly look to government for solutions to all problems and then for it to fix them. Rarely is a view expressed promoting individual or private ideas and action to solve problems, unless to force others unwillingly. We have become so dependant on “government”, that little is said as it slowly strips the rights in the Constitution away until blatantly thrown in our faces. Even then the outcry is minimal. Individualist are looked down on in scorn, a prehistoric three headed monster of greed, selfishness, and cold heartedness whose time has past. Individualism has been assassinated by socialism lite. Yet we certainly don’t scorn what they have given us, electricity, modern transportation, medical miracles, and vast luxuries we take as entitlements. Maybe it is fitting that the government that this counties first individualists founded is slowly turning into our taskmaster as we look down at the very traits that made them who they were.

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