Friday, May 05, 2006

9th District Court Draws a Line in the Sand

It seems we're getting bombarded on all sides by the government encroachment into personal lives. What makes it worse is with each encroachment the once concrete line that we could define as off limits becomes hazy and easier to encroach on. It becomes commonplace and "acceptable" to most. Like the smoking bans, in and of themselves, most wouldn't have supported it, but once the "state" became responsible for paying health costs, it became a necessity, to keep down health cost. So rather then looking at the real problem (government involvement in health) we attacked a side effect of the disease.

Would anyone several years ago thought that a school would discipline a student for something done while NOT in school? But now it's common practice. Seems the nanny state has taken a giant leap forward, to the point that in now feels it has the authority and responsibility rather then the parent. Drug testing would be one, that they said would only be for athletes, and isn't really mandatory, because sports isn't mandatory. "Once they get their foot in the door"

The incident involved the First Admendment Rights of a student and the High School Principle. To no real suprise the Juneau School Board is appealing the 9th District Court's decision which basically said the school had no authority to suspend a student for actions off school grounds, The student Joseph Frederick, was observed off school grounds with a sign "Bong hits 4 Jesus" during the visit of the 2002 Winter Olympic Torch to Juneau.

It's telling by the comments by school officials what their mentality is:
"The 9th Circuit's decision has left the Board and school administrators with no guidance as to where and when we can enforce our policy against messages promoting illegal drug use," said Phyllis Carlson, president of the School Board.

How about on school grounds or school sponsored events? That would be where you and the school have authority?
"Federal law requires us to maintain a consistent message that use of drugs like marijuana is harmful and illegal."

This seems to cause all kinds of confusion in the craniums of government officials and those who worship them. The Federal law requires YOU to have a consistent message. NOT the students, their parents, or anyone else outside school. The federal law doesn't require ME to agree with or even to remain silent, nor our children.
"Yet, when we try to enforce our policies, our administrators are sued and exposed to damage awards."

This guy is on the Board? Amazing, how the school even functions, but then maybe that's why it takes over $10,000 per year to "educate" one child. Instead of having courses on how to persuade students to blindly follow "government policies" you have a course on what your authority is and where and what it extends to.

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