Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Vouchers Bad, Public Preschool Good and Damn the Facts, Part II

In a prior rant about public preschool I pointed to a Reason Study stating that there is no "LASTING" benefit.

Now to add some icing to that lovely cake, we have a Rand Study that has been exposed by two San Jose State University economics professors
who show the Rand preschool study "cherry-picked" data, based its claims on "unbelievable assumptions that bias the results," and omitted numerous costs and other factors that significantly lower the alleged benefits of universal preschool.

The rest of what they found out is in a News Release at the Reason Foundation.

The above mention study by the Rand foundation was paid for by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Who it seems has had their hands in trying to implement government sponsored preschool for some time. In an article in the Mercury News it says they've spent about 9 million a year to cram it down the average citizens throat.

Now, foundations are perfectly within their right to try and help those they feel need it. But, when they direct their efforts at getting the government to enforce what "they think is best" for the masses, they've stopped being a charitable organization and are well on their way in becoming a totalitarian overlord.

I wonder if the Rand Foundation got a nice bonus for such "good" results. The best results money can buy.

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