Monday, May 01, 2006

Masochism in the voting booth

While jumping around I found a post at "Libertarian Youth".
"I really have no sympathy for you liberals who voted Democrat and then complain about what the Bush Administration does.
You want out of Iraq, and you voted Democrat. Kerry wanted more troops in Iraq. The only party that would have immediately withdrawn was the Libertarian Party.You want the Patriot Act to go away, and you voted Democrat. Almost all Democrats voted for the Patriot Act in both its first and second incarnations. The only party that would have immediately eliminated the Patriot Act is the Libertarian Party."

And for the other side....
"And you conservatives who voted Republican, you're no better.
You want an end to ridiculous gun laws. And you voted Republican. The only party that would let you protect yourself without restrictions (no we don't advocate nukes for us all) is the Libertarian Party. You want to limit the size of government. And you voted Republican. The government has grown 33% under Bush. It grew under Reagan. The only party that has always reduced government when elected is the Libertarian Party."

The last place I worked I'd talk about the Republicans and Democrats (Always with deep respect). The odd thing was most of the time they couldn't stick up for their own party or it's policies, but pointed the finger at the other. The most common phrase was "Hey, we’re not as bad as the ____________". When I'd bring up the Libertarian Party and it's principles, I'd get the "Ya, but I don't want to waste my vote".

Okay, lets run with the logic. Since Kerry lost the election, every vote for him was wasted. In New York Kerry won the elector, so all New York voters that pulled the lever for Bush wasted their vote. So every New Yorker wasted their vote in the presidential election

This "I don't want to waste my vote" logic is one of the reasons we have so many problems at all levels of government. Add to that the people that vote to have the government loot for them or to impose their ideology on others. It's a wonder we're not worse off then we are. Each time one of the two parties gains complete or near to complete control there's scandal. So the "voters speak". But to trade back and forth between the two major parties? It's like having two girlfriends/boyfriends that cheat, so you go back and forth hoping one will be faithful. Not only could you catch something, it's bad for the city, county, state, and country also.

At least now there's serious talk about replacing incumbents from both parties at the same time New York Coalition is carrying that torch. Now if we can only get the public "voting public" to seriously look at third parties. In a nut shell what Libertarian Youth said was, the Libertarian Party seems to have what most Americans are really looking for.

But then maybe voters are just to kinky to kick the habit. Come on baby, make it hurt so good......

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