Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Presidential Speech I'd Like to Hear

For some time now this Great Republic has been divided. It is time to rectify this, and not the way others have proposed.

We must ask ourselves why we are divided. With deep sole searching, at least within myself I see the major reason as ourselves, we are to blame, not the right nor the left but we as individuals. Not intentionally but, as they say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. We have forced ideological minorities to obey our will. We have favored one group of peoples over others. We are called red states and blue states, with so much diversity within our country there will always be contrasting views and opinions. The problem arises from one view imposing their will on others, weather red, blue, green, or purple. It is time to stop doing so.

For to long now politicians have given taxpayer money away to buy votes. Those who benefit do not realize that their newfound fortune was taken from someone else, at times forcibly. Those in DC have voted to take away from one state to give to another. We have lined our pockets with stolen money. Oh we say it’s not stolen, but tax money. But yet how much choice do those who’s money is our pockets have? Some may say this is a democracy, and that the majority rules. Without limits what is the difference from democracy and a mob? To barrow a saying from a Libertarian "Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner."

This nation has made many promises to past and present generations, yet I can see no greater evil on our part then to burden our children with our transgressions. Therefore ways must be implemented so that our children do not bare a yoke we ourselves have place on their shoulders.

Many now or expect social security and Medicare to be there for them, and it is a promise the federal government most honor. Those who would rather be dependant upon themselves and family may opt out. Those that do so will be given the full amount that they paid into the system, but not the employers half. Upon deposit of the funds it is understood that the individual is nolonger eligible for any federal assistance that falls under Social Security. Those under the age of 18 will be given any funds paid into it back, the program will be fazed out. The sytem will take care of those it has promised to do so for. Many will ask how it is to be funded. A trust fund run by several investment groups will have complete control of the monies. The running of the Social Security Administration will be funded by the trust. No Congressman or government organization may use or touch in anyway the trust fund. The rules and regulations that apply to private business retirment funds such as 401Ks will also apply to Sociual Security. The lost money (those opting out) shall be replaced by a National Lottery. All funds from the lottery will be transferred into the trust. Again NO congressman may in anway touch or devert it. When the trust is nolonger needed any remaining balance will go directly into paying down the debt.

The Federal govermnent has become so intertwined in everyday life that a large minority of people consider it to now be “Big Brother”. We must reverse this trend. All social programs mandated by the Federal Government will stay in effect for the next year . During this time each state will take complete control of all of them but receive the federal funding that each has gotten in the past. After “x” amount of time the federal funding will stop and each state shall decide what programs are best for it’s citizens. At this date the Federal employees may be hired as state employees or seek transfers within the Federal Government.

What is good for the children of North Carolina is not necessarily good for those in New York. The same goes for Texas and Rhode Island and so on. The Federal Government will nolonger pry into the eduction in any state, so long as it does not violate the Constitution. Each State is responsible for the welfare of it’s citizens, how ever those citizens want to define welfare is up to them.

The Income Tax as we know it should be abolished, to many Americans spend countedless hours going over forms and regulations, it is a burden to families. A flat teired tax should be inacted not as a law or regulation but an Admendment to the Constitution, short and simple. Congress’s ability to modify the rates, will be curtailed by the dependance of each states ratification.

By giving control of policies to smaller groups (states) the wounds of division shall heal. Each state on social issues may plot it’s own course, not imposing as many people to one ideology but giving citizens a choice. It shall not be a winner take all mentality. Citizens with like minds may move to where they are happy. Yes deversity is important, but forced obeinance to a opposite or differing views is not diversity but mental enslavement. So long as the rights out lined in the Constitution for the individual or even the several states are not violated then the federal government has no right to interfere.

As Benjimen Franklin said "The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself."

Our Founding Fathers knew the dangers of a strong central Government, yet they knew to some extent it was necessary. In times of war and in today’s world, even in peace a strong federal government is needed to protect us from forgein invasion and aggression. Though in an idealistic world Thomas Jefferson’s words “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto”, would be will to be followed. Yet the world is not so tame. This is the main responsibility of the Federal Government and with the everyday lives of the people in the hands of the states or the people themselves the federal government can focus on what it should be focusing on, the safety and protection of the states as a collective. That being said no longer will the President send troops to war unless Congress declares it. Congress shall never shirk its duties for political safety again.

Good night America, I've got to get up early tomorow and FINALLY read the Constitution.

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