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What's going on at our Southern Boarder...Really?

The primary role of the Federal Government is to protect us from foreign invasion and harm from others. It has become so involved in our daily lives that it is incapable of even doing a half @%% job of its primary responsibilities. Much like a child who is trying to do several things at once, it winds up running around in circles, with none of the tasks done right. To stay in office, politicians have promised to make everyone happy, and voters ignorantly believe it’s possible. Maybe this was the original reason the founders had only landowners vote.

Recently I’ve come across several Web sites about the Boarder Patrol, mainly “U.S. Border Patrol Local 2544”.
Welcome. Local 2544 officers are all Border Patrol agents. We represent other Border Patrol agents and non-supervisory employees in the Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol, covering most of the state of Arizona. We are the largest local in the Border Patrol.

Seems our federal government not only forgets about those in the Armed Forces who make sacrifices, but also in the Border Patrol, this is a sad example.

Why we don’t hear about the poor support the border patrol gets is dumbfounding. Where is the press? To busy following their masters around? Ah just like the good lap dogs they are. After all what’s more important, the agents getting shot at or a bunch of pompous politicians, at a $500.00 a plate fundraiser?

What’s really disturbing is at the Border Patrols site;

President Bush is doing back flips to assure the hypocritical El Presidente Fox that America will not "militarize" the border. We didn't realize that Fox was running things here. Is the Mexican government paying for any of this? Of course not. Further, Fox has already "militarized" the border. Mexico has plenty of troops on the border. We know this because we see them all the time and they shoot at us with rather large .50 caliber rifles. All we can do is hope their aim is bad, run from them, and then watch as the cowards from our government hide from the issue, and their government lies about them even being there. So........if Fox is so concerned with the "militarization" of the border perhaps he should start on his side of the border.

Hold on here did he say, “Fox has already "militarized" the border. Mexico has plenty of troops on the border. We know this because we see them all the time and they shoot at us with rather large .50 caliber rifles.”

From reading this, it sounds like a episode of “F Troupe”.
Credible reports indicate that the U.S. government is spying on border volunteers such as the Minutemen, and passing the intelligence on to the Mexican government.

Now what’s going on here? If the Fed’s are reporting the positions of minutemen, and the Border Patrol agents are saying the Mexican Army is firing on them. What happens when a minuteman gets shot? Let alone the implication that Mexico is firing 50 cal’s at our Border Patrol Officers.

Maybe those responsible for our national security and safety should concentrate on our borders rather then what Johnny’s reading in class, and let the states take care of that.

But then this border issue isn’t new to Congress

February 22, 2002


My name is David J. Stoddard; I am a resident of Cochise County, Arizona. I served my country for 30 years, first as a soldier in the U.S. Army and then as U.S. Border Patrol Agent for 27 years.

I have no personal interest in illegal immigration or in U.S. drug policy except as a patriotic citizen of the United States. I am not being paid or influenced by any entity whatsoever for my testimony submitted to you this day.

There has been a great deal of debate recently over needed changes in U.S. Immigration Law. The United States has the most liberal immigration policies in the entire world. Our laws are designed to protect the American public from criminals, subversives, terrorists, disease, the insane and from those who are likely to become public charges. There are no U.S. laws designed specifically to exclude any deserving person from legally immigrating to the United States. Any person may legally immigrate unless he or she falls within an excludable class. This is for the public good. If existing laws were enforced as intended, there would be no need for new laws.

Currently the United States admits more people as immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers than all the other countries in the world combined. Right now one-fifth of the U.S. population is a foreign born or dependant child of foreign born residents. Since the 2000 Census, the population of the United States has increased by 3 million people according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

According to various Mexican media and official Mexican government sources, the country of Mexico has 18 million of its citizens residing illegally in the United States at this very minute. Mexico claims to have 30 million persons of Mexican descent in the United States. I have no reason not to believe these claims.

According to official U.S. I. & N.S. estimates, Mexicans comprise only 54% of the total number of illegal aliens within the United States. Again, I have no reason to dispute these figures. I hope this gives you some kind of perspective as to the great influence illegal immigration has upon our society.

Since I have lived and worked on the Mexican border all of my life, I am most familiar with the problems presented by illegal Mexican immigration and I would like to focus on that aspect.

- According to former Chief of Police, Ruben Ortega, 80% of the street level drug dealers in Salt Lake City, Utah are illegal Mexican Aliens. I believe we can extrapolate that percentage to any major city in the Southwest.

- According to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, 24% of those incarcerated in the United States are foreign born, most of them Mexicans.

- According to the California State authorities, that state must build the equivalent of one grammar school a day in order to accommodate the population growth of school aged children, again, largely due to illegal immigrants, most of whom are illegal Mexicans.

I submit to you that Mexico has instituted policies which encourage its citizens to sneak into the United States.

For example:

- Mexico has discontinued the government subsidies for propane, diesel, tortillas, beans, electricity, housing, bread and commodities for poor people.

- Mexico has opened additional consulates in practically every state in the union in order to assist its citizens obtain U.S. benefits, "rights" and to assure legal help in the instances of "discrimination" in employment, law enforcement and in any other legal matter.

- Lawyers retained at the behest of Mexican officials quickly take civil action against any U.S. citizen who chooses to protect himself or his property against illegal Mexicans. This is designed to deter any interference by U.S. residents in the free flow of aliens and drugs across our borders.

- Mexican school children, from the primary grades, are taught that the United States "stole" (from Mexico) the land now called California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Utah. Furthermore, these children are taught that were it not for the United States "stealing" California and the gold therein, that Mexico would be a superpower today. I have heard that with my own ears. That is no exaggeration.

- The President of Mexico actively encourages its citizens to illegally emigrate to the U.S. and in fact frequently refers to those who do so as "heroes".

- I can give you the names of eight high-level Mexican politicians who have left office in the last decade with a minimum of $700 million each. These ill-gotten funds could have been used for the good of the Mexican people.

Based on the above facts, I see no reason for any change in U.S. immigration laws. But I see a great need for change in the way Mexico imposes upon the United States. The American people are expected to provide free medical care, housing, education, food and other basic needs to illegal Mexican aliens. These are all services that should be provided to our own elderly, handicapped and poor.

I do see a need to alter the way in which the United States administers its immigration laws however.

Currently the same administrator dictates enforcement and services. Under Doris Meissner, the INS became a service-oriented organization because Ms. Meissner considered all aliens, legal and illegal as her "clients". Enforcement under the U.S. Border Patrol became non-existent except for a narrow corridor along the border. This encouraged illegal aliens to keep trying until they were successful in traversing that corridor beyond which they could live and reside as long as they wish and do whatever they want, while the services branch of INS does everything it can to make their status legal. This status quo has not changed under INS Commissioner James Ziglar.

This is a schizophrenic approach, which does not, never has and never will work. The INS must be separated into two agencies, one to provide services and the other for enforcement purposes. The U.S. Border Patrol must be allowed to do its job in strict accordance to the law without regard to political correctness and without regard to state, city and local boundaries. This is the only way we can remain a sovereign nation. We cannot allow a foreign nation to dictate our immigration policy, which is the current standard. Either an alien has legally entered the United States or he has not. The legal alien is entitled to benefits and services. The others are not.

Every single person who has sneaked into this country made an informed decision to violate the laws of this country and has accepted the risk of detection and deportation. None of them should be allowed to reside in the U.S. without first exiting and making a legal application for entry in order to screen for criminals, the insane, subversives, terrorists and disease.

The U.S. Border Patrol simply cannot handle its mission under present restraints. Its job is to protect the American public and preserve the sanctity of our international borders. That cannot be accomplished while our borders are overrun by aliens of every nationality and while bureaucrats place unreasonable restrictions on how agents operate.

- I urge the immediate deployment of U.S. military troops and equipment on our borders to seal them against those who would cause us harm. This could be only a temporary measure to allow us to regain control to again become a sovereign nation.

- I urge the separation of the U.S. Border Patrol into a separate agency responsible for the detection, interdiction, arrest, prosecution and/or deportation of drug smugglers and illegal aliens. An experienced enforcement officer whose primary purpose is to protect America and American citizens must run this separate agency. That separate agency must have its own budget and control its own spending. This would assure that the law enforcement agency doesn't have to dance like a puppet at the whim of a non-law enforcement entity with an agenda of its own operating the purse strings. A professional law enforcement agency must be in total control of enforcement, (with Attorney General and Congressional oversight, of course), or political special interests will exercise undue influence as has been the case with the Border Patrol for the last 78 years.

I realize I cannot be more specific and detailed due to time restraints, so I respectfully submit this to you at this time.

David J. Stoddard

It’s just not important enough, after all there's not many votes involved.

And to add another aspect,this congressional testimony. (Hat Tip to; Newbeat1),
Border Patrol agents and deputy sheriffs are shot at from Mexico on a routine basis. In January, there was a sniper in Mexico shooting at agents that were working along the banks of the river in the area of the cities of Rio Bravo/El Cenizo, which are located south of Laredo. This continued, sporadically, for three days. Agents reported seeing several individuals wearing military style uniforms on a hill on the Mexican side one of them was using what was believed to be a high powered rifle with scope. This sniper was arrested last week and is now in United States custody.

On January 23, 2006, in Hudspeth County, Texas, state officers and deputy
sheriffs pursued three vehicles laden with marihuana. These vehicles fled back into
Mexico by driving across the Rio Grande River. One of them got stuck in the mud.
When officers reached the levee of the Rio Grande River, they encountered what officers described as a Mexican Humvee equipped with a machine gun and what officers believe to be Mexican soldiers, fully armed with automatic weapons, waiting for these vehicles to cross back into Mexico. These officers on the United States side possessed no automatic weapons.

But was the humvee waiting to arrest them?
We recently received information that the cartels immediately across our borderare planning on killing as many police officers as possible on the United States side. Thisis being planned for the purpose of attempting to “scare us” away from the border. Theyhave the money, equipment, and stamina to do it. They are determined to save their“load”. It is very possible, these cartels may form a nexus with members of Al Qaedaand other terrorist organizations. The Department of Homeland Security recently issued Officer Alerts warning their agents of the potential threats. We, the local officers,learned about it through the news media.

Local, state, and federal officers have found many items along the banks of the
Rio Grande River that indicate possible ties to terrorist organizations or members of
military units of Mexico. Currency and clothing are common finds. Recently, a jacket
with patches was found in Jim Hogg County, Texas, by agents of U. S. Border Patrol.
The patches on the jacket show an Arabic military badge with one depicting an airplaneflying over a building and heading towards a tower, and another showing an image of alion’s head with wings and a parachute emanating from the animal (lion). It is believedfrom an undisclosed document that Department of Homeland Security translatorsconcluded that the patches read “defense center”, “minister of defense”, or “defenseheadquarters”. The bottom of one patch read “martyr”, “way to eternal life” or “way toimmortality”. I have attached copies of these patches and have marked them as Attachment #4

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Ray said...

“The old way of pouring vast amounts of money into development aid without any concern for results has failed, often leaving behind misery and poverty and corruption.” – George Bush (April 30, 2002)

Since GWB said that, he has increased pouring vast amounts of U.S. tax dollars for foreign aid to Mexico as well as other corrupt governments. Presumably, some of that money is always designated to be filtered back to the U.S. as corporate welfare for the military-industrial complex. I suppose that’s how they can afford those 50 cal’s and Humvee’s equipped with a machine guns. Some lines the pockets of the Mexican elites and very little is ever seen by the people our questionably compassionate politicos said they wanted to help.
So the misery and poverty that is in part caused by the continuing efforts of incompetent and corrupt U.S. politicians to finance incompetent and corrupt foreign politicians continues without regard for failed results.
Mexican workers continue to escape to the U.S. looking for work and send monthly remittances back to their poor families. Presidente Fox loves it and encourages it because it represents the third largest source of national income to Mexico.
This problem will never be fixed, like many others until the people of this country wake up and start doing something about the idiots they send to Washington.
To think that so many people are demanding from their elected idiots to fix the immigration problem they created would be laughable, if it wasn’t such a sad testament to how stupid Americans have become.