Thursday, June 15, 2006

Supporting Deserters is not Supporting the Troops

The Buffalo News has a piece on the piece Cindy Sheehan and the honoring/support of army deserters.

Now I'm sure her son would have approved of her honoring those who abandoned their Brothers in Arms. After all "we signed up for the college, not to serve". It's one thing to protest the war, but to honor those that desert?

When Desert Shield and to a greater extent Desert Strom started, there where several instances of servicemen protesting and refusing to go. My fellow Marines(myself included) had and still have complete contempt for these so called soldiers. They where not here to serve their country but to suck the benifits they could. But once the price was due they bailed. And now Sheehan and a group of others will hold a rally to support them?

It had mentioned her trip to Venezuela.
She defends her trip to Venezuela, expressing gratitude to Chavez for mobilizing Latin Americans against the war. She said she feels an obligation to "show the world that Americans don't support what our leaders are doing. World leaders should resist the empire of the United States that oppresses people."

Oppresses people? Did she look around Venezuela? Or was she given "government" sponsored tours? Maybe she should ask some citizens of Venezuela what happens when "they" protest (their own government). Did she ever think that (socialist) Chavez hates the US not for the war but because of our Capitalism? Our schools need to start teaching critical thinking skills. But that's another rant.

One of the many great things about the Freedom of Speech is that it exposes idiots. Unfortunately there’s no short supply of them, and they tend to attract each other.
"The pro-war side for a long time managed to effectively paint antiwar folks as being unpatriotic, and not concerned with the troops. Cindy managed to give the lie to all that."

Actually Cindy's was doing some of the painting herself.
Sheehan has also drawn criticism nationwide for her January appearance with Chavez, who stood next to her chanting: "Down with the U.S. empire!"

But I guess if you dislike Capitalism, and Free Enterprise the only thing you hear in that chant is Down with Empires. To bad the audience in Venezuela and the rest of Latin America herd "Down with America". Chavez must have loved it. After all for quasi dictators to stay in power they most rally the populace against a perceived enemy weather real or not is unimportant. Look at history for the proof, Lenin and Stalin (the rich and royalty), Hitler (Jews, and Western Europe) Mussolini (The rich), almost all governments in Africa.
"I can't be fazed by the attacks. Burying my son and surviving - that is the worst thing that can happen to a mother or a parent. Everything else gets put in perspective."

No you've become obsessed and narrow-minded. A fanatic who will stop at nothing to further a cause. With blinders on, happily ignoring any negative repercussions of your actions. If the repercussions only effected you it wouldn't matter, but unfortunately when you entered the international spotlight it effects the whole country, let those the general public have elected screw it up. They diffenantly don't need any help.

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