Thursday, June 15, 2006

Studies that Support the Status Quo v.s. Studies with Sollutions

Since I've lived in Western York I've noticed that the cities and counties love spending tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on studies on how to become efficient (I'd say more efficient but that implies something that's simply not true). But it's not the study they paid thousands for, but the "results" that they wanted. Can you say Status quo?

When I was stationed at the Federal Building in Buffalo back in the late 80's a GSA employee had told me, that at one time GSA worked on it's own vehicle fleet. Then they were asked to do a cost analysis on contracting it out. They did it according to the criteria that DC sent them. They felt great, it showed they were cheaper. A couple of weeks later they were told to do another, but with different criteria, once again they were cheaper. Alas, several more weeks and another with, yes another set of criteria. This one got DC the results it wanted, and now work is contracted out.

Free Buffalo has put together a study for them for free with real solutions. It didn't cost the taxpayers a dime and if implented would save them more then a dime.

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